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"I am flattered to have my students counted among the winners of the Southern California Junior Bach Festivals, however, I feel even greater pride from the fact that most of my students apply, get excepted to and graduate from the best schools in the United States,. My students are successful in their careers and carry their love for music and art with them throughout their lives. We become friends when they are little and continue our friendships into their adulthood. I treat my students as my colleagues and learn with them and from them as much as they from me. Without exception, they make me better teacher and a better musician."
I teach piano to children and adults, to serious musicians and music lovers. I also give Music Appreciation lectures to dancers and seniors. Art forms have no boundaries; they all touch different senses. I enjoy blending dance, fine art, culinary and gardening analogies into my lessons to make every minute of learning festive. I adjust my methods to each individual's needs, talents, and personality. My goal is to discover potential and to develop balanced repertoire, progressive technique, and musical appetite in every student.